Taking a Deeper Look Into the Background of BirelArt

BirelArt is a company that is known for its high-quality go-karts and racing products. Based in Italy, the company has a long history of excellence in the world of karting.

BirelArt was founded in 1959 by Umberto Sala whose nickname was Birel. He started building and racing his own go-karts. By the end of the 1960s, the company had become successful enough to start producing karts for others. BirelArt quickly became one of the leading go-kart manufacturers in Italy and began exporting their karts all over the world.

In the 1980s, BirelArt began to focus on racing, developing high-performance karts that were used in international competitions. The company also started to produce karting parts and accessories, becoming a one-stop-shop for karting enthusiasts.

In the 1990s, BirelArt won six Formula C World Champions titles and led the classification of the most winning teams in the 125 ever. In the early 2000s, BirelArt became an official partner of Formula 1 team Renault, supplying the team with go-karts for use in their driver development program. This partnership helped to bring more attention to BirelArt and further cemented their reputation as a top manufacturer of go-karts.

BirelArt has won numerous awards and accolades over the years for their products and contributions to the karting industry. They have also partnered with several other racing teams and organizations, further solidifying their place in the world of karting.

In 2015 Birel ART launched a new special line in association with one of the most impressive F1 drivers of the 2014 season: Daniel Ricciardo. “Ricciardo Kart” is a line of go-karts which covers the whole range of categories, from Mini-kart, to Rotax and the CIK-FIA classes (KFJ, KF, KZ). ”Ricciardo Kart“ has been completed with an official racing team in major competitions throughout Europe: Ricciardo Kart Racing. 

In 2019 Birel ART launched a new special line in collaboration with another one of the most impressive F1 drivers: Charles Leclerc.

Charles Leclerc Kart is a complete range for the Baby, Mini, OK / Junior, KZ, Rotax and rental categories.

Today, BirelArt continues to innovate and produce high-quality products for the karting industry. They have a range of karts, from entry-level karts for beginners to professional racing karts for experienced drivers.

BirelArt has a long and storied history in the world of karting. From its humble beginnings as a small go-kart builder in Italy to its current status as a leading manufacturer of high-performance karts and racing products, BirelArt has remained true to its commitment to quality and innovation. They continue to push the boundaries of karting and inspire a new generation of racers and enthusiasts.

Take a look inside the BirelArt factory and witness the maximum technology machinery operated by the best professions:

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