Bringing Kart Racing Back to Las Vegas!


Bringing It Back

For 20 years, Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club has been dedicated to enhancing our members’ experience and provide a comprehensive motorsports environment. Following the BLM land acquisition in 2019, we seized the perfect opportunity to broaden our horizons and offer more than just additional racetrack space. Recognizing that karting was a highly requested activity, we made plans to incorporate this new addition.

During the planning process, the emergence of Formula 1 in Las Vegas caused a surge in motorsports popularity in the area, and many people started asking, “How do I get started in a sport like this?” The answer is simple. The starting point for majority of the racers who competed in F1, IndyCar, NASCAR, IMSA, or other auto racing series started from kart racing. Recognizing this significance, we realized that our new karting facility could be our most promising expansion we’ve planned to date.

As construction plans continued, we realized that southern Nevada lacked adequate resources for aspiring kart racers. When we sought input from those with a history in the sport, the overwhelming consensus highlighted one track as the most influential to the karting community: XPlex, a popular 0.7-mile kart track located outside of Las Vegas that captured the hearts of racing enthusiasts.

XPlex, 2006, Sloan, NV

We realized that incorporating an XPlex-inspired track at our facility would not only deliver what our Club members have been asking for, but also gives the local motorsports community what it’s been missing out on,” said Dave Petrie, CEO of Spring Mountain. “By building this karting facility, we aim to fill this gap, offering a premier venue for beginners and seasoned racers alike.” This addition will foster new talent, create memorable experiences, and ensure our Club remains at the forefront of motorsports destinations.

We then interviewed Richie Hearn – former Indianapolis 500 podium winner, SuperNationals karting racer, and Spring Mountain Lead Driving Instructor – for his thoughts on XPlex and its influence on our new track.

The closure of XPlex in 2006 left a void within the local racing community. “Everybody loved that track. It was one of the best tracks in the country – purely because it was fast, you could pass, and it was challenging, too,” said Hearn. When we announced our new kart track and its design to the public, there was an overwhelming surge on social media from many who missed the former karting track.

“People have been begging for it for a long time. I’m looking forward to it being out here and reestablishing it as a major place to have major events,” said Hearn. This new venture will not only pay homage to the original track but also introduce a country club spin. “People are going to remember how much fun XPlex was, and we are going to bring that back.”

Hearn continued to speak fondly of his history in kart racing, growing up in southern California with a dozen tracks nearby. Over the years though, the west coast lost its karting luster. “It used to be the king of all karting,” Hearn said, “When I grew up, the best drivers came from the west coast, but today there’s very little.”

That is, until Fall 2024 when the Spring Mountain Karting Complex begins operations! It will take some time for additional buildings to be built, however after its final stage of completion, it will offer unparalleled amenities and experiences for karting enthusiasts of all ages. Hearn said it best, “XPlex was a proven layout, and we’re looking forward to bringing back one of the best tracks in the country.” The North (XPlex) configuration will be 28ft wide, .73-miles long, with 23ft of elevation change. The South configuration will be .4-miles long, making the total length between both tracks 1.13-miles.

We are thrilled to see this long-awaited plan come to life, knowing that both our Club members and karting enthusiasts will greatly benefit from this exciting new addition. The anticipation has been building, and now we can finally provide a premier karting facility that will enrich our motorsports community and offer an exceptional experience for everyone involved. The realization of this project marks a significant milestone for Spring Mountain, and we can’t wait to share it with you all.

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