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Wheel Balancer

Wheel Balancer
Wheel Balancer


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Wheel Balancer

The Righetti wheel and tire balancer was made specifically for performance kart racing. This tool is a great addition to any racer's tool collection. Balancing the wheel and tire on your racing kart can be crucial to reduce vibration in the steering system, improve straight-line performance, and minimize feedback to the driver's hands.

Not all kart wheels are manufactured perfectly regardless of the accuracy of the machining, causing imbalanced wheels. Plus the contact point of the wheel to hub on the kart can become out of true relative to the rotation of the wheel over time due to wear and tear. This can result in vibration at high speeds, causing discomfort and decreasing performance. By using this balancing tool along with Wheel Weights (not included), a racer can minimize these issues.

  • Fits standard European wheel pattern rims (3/58 bolt pattern)
  • Solid base and adjustable spindle to accommodate various wheel widths
Note: Does not work with DSM (Direct Spindle Mount Wheels) or CRG Front Wheels (3/67 bolt pattern)
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