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V-Force 3 Reed Cage

Brand: VForce
V-Force 3 Reed Cage
V-Force 3 Reed Cage


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  V-Force 3 Reed Cage
The VForce Reed Valve System has numerous advantages over a stock reed cage design. Due to the design of the VForce reed valve, the petals only need to open half the distance as a petal on a stock valve to get equal air-flow.

There are three unique advantages as a result of this design:

First, longer reed petal life. Second, more efficient fuel delivery for instant throttle response. Third, as a result of the reed petals only traveling half the distance of a stock cage design, the petals are able to open completely at high RPM's. It also widens the engine peak power, effectively resulting in more usable horsepower. The VForce increases horsepower throughout the entire power range.
Note: To install all V Force Systems you need to cut the stuffers off the intake boot. For optimum performance match the boot to the reed cage. We offer this matching service for $100.00