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TonyKart Racing Suit

Brand: TonyKart
TonyKart Racing Suit
TonyKart Racing Suit


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The OMP KS1-R overall is a wonderful blend of comfort, lightness and breathability, thanks to the use of hyper-technological materials developed by OMP. It is an innovative product homologated by CIK-FIA level 2, ultra light and totally printed. The new soft and light fabrics, the elastic crotch insert, the new floating stretch sleeves, as well as the stretch inserts on the lower back and thighs, guarantee unprecedented comfort. The overall is equipped with inner knee pads to have greater safety and lower perception of the bumps whilst driving; furthermore, the mesh inserts on shoulders and under the sleeves allow better ventilation and breathability in the hottest weather. The overall has a belt and it is designed with NASCAR leg, specially lightened for OTK. Among the many qualities of the model provided to OTK, is also the absolute freedom to customize graphics, since the overall is completely printed. This allowed us to create a graphic design for Tony Kart extremely refined but elegant at the same time. The Tony Kart overall is made in the deep and brilliant green color, distinguishing feature of our chassis and is enriched by a captivating graphic motif with 3D effect. Every detail is the result of a particular research, also from the point of view of aesthetics, as is the brilliant silver rat-tail on the head.

The overalls will be available in the following sizes: 42-58 (120-160 children sizes).