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Pro Series Tie Rod

Pro Series Tie Rod
Pro Series Tie Rod


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KartMaster Pro Series Tie Rods
Round tie rods are not as strong as Hexagon tie rods, but with this being said they can be an advantage. When in an accident if the Tie Rod does not bend typically your Spindle will. It is much easier and cheaper to replace the Tie Rod than the Spindle.
  • Machined Anodized Gun Metal Aluminum
  • Lighter, fits most European made karts
  • 8mm Threaded Ends (LH/RH)
  • Hexagonal bands are placed on the rod for easier adjustments
Note: Lengths are measured in mm. Don't have a caliper tool or metric measuring tape? To convert inches to mm. just take the length and times it by 25.4. For instance: (8.25 inches x 25.4 = 209.55 - order a 210mm tie rod)
Every chassis model has different lengths of tie rods. Some chassis models use different lengths from the left hand and the right hand. So please measure both tie rods before ordering.