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MyChron 4 E-Box Extreme - Clearance

MyChron 4 E-Box Extreme - Clearance


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My Chron  4 E-Box Extreme (Expansion Box)
The MyChron4 E-box Extreme is an optional upgrade for the MyChron4 karting guage. It can be connected to GPS, LCU-One Lambda, Data Hub and Data Key.

The E-box provides extra sensors for:
  • 2 temperatures in addition to the default one on the gauge
  • Wheel Speed (MPH)
  • Track mapping with and internal G-sensor
  • Extra battery for extended running time
  • RPM
  • Data coming through the CAN Bus
  • Steering Sensors (to point out under steer/over steer situations)
  • Throttle Sensors (to understand where and if you can push more)
  • Brake Sensors (to point out possible problems or improve driving technique)
  • Power Valve Sensor (provides a accurate indication of the exhaust valve workings)
Includes:  32mb Data Key, CD-ROM with Race Studio 2, & a Wheel Speed Sensor.
Aim has developed a specific Brake Pressure Sensor for EBox Extreme.

Technical Characteristics:
  • Internal or external power
  • 3 already configured analogue inputs
  • CAN connection to external expansion module
  • Data download and analysis with Race Studio 2 software

 In developing the E-Box they leveraged CAN (controller area network) technology from the auto racing world. Simply connect the E-Box to the MyChron4 and the extra functions are instantly enabled.