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Odenthal Motor Mount Clamp (sold individually)

Brand: Odenthal
Odenthal Motor Mount Clamp (sold individually)
Odenthal Motor Mount Clamp (sold individually)


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 Odenthal Motor Mount Clamp
Odenthal motor mount clamps are sold seperately to limit part numbers and confusion. To determine what size clamp a particular chassis needs, please measure with a caliper using this procedure: First, measure frame rail diameter, then measure total distance outside to outside where the motor will go and subtract the rail diameter from this number. (Example: 122-30=92mm center to center).
Clamps are priced individually. Comes with bolt. Order 2 per motor mount.
Tips: CRG has a 90mm spacing. Almost all other Italian made karts like Birel, Topkart, Intrepid, PCR, Tonykart,  etc. have a 92mm spacing.