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Kosmic Lynx R Chassis

Brand: TonyKart
Kosmic Lynx R Chassis
Kosmic Lynx R Chassis


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Staring from an already winning base, that is the Lynx S model, the work of the Kosmic Kart Racing Department and the R&D division of the OTK Kart Kart Group has given life to the new version of the Lynx, the Lynx R. In perfect continuity with Kosmic's winning history, keeping the chassis design unchanged along with maintaining 32mm tubing. There are new innovations however, focusing on the components, including a new high grip steering wheel, the integrated frontal area with the M7 spoiler along with new graphics.
The Evolution Does Not Stop
The Lynx R is the evolution of the Lynx and this new model includes several updated details. The basic production philosophy as well as the line of development are the same adopted for the top of the range chassis. The only difference is the tubing size of the frame, which for the Lynx R is 32mm. Similar to that of the Mercury are also the innovations introduced for the 'R' model of the Lynx: the steering wheel, the covered frontal area and spoiler, along with the new graphics, all the result of the day to day work in the search to stay competitive with every single component and of the exchange of information between the Kosmic Kart Racing Department and the R&D Department of the OTK Kart Group.
BSD Brake Caliper
The Lynx R does not change the braking system and continues with the BSD system which was created specifically, in 2018, to meet the needs of the direct-drive categories (OK, OK Junior and other similar classes) and have proved to be a very high performing system. Thanks to careful work undertaken by the Racing Department, which has used this braking system in races all over the world and optimized by the R&D department of the OTK Kart Group. The end result is a system made up from a single piece forged brake caliper, equipped with 2 pistons of 34.5mm, with brake movement recovery, brake lines of the latest generation and DOT 5.1 brake fluid. The BSD model is ideally optimized for direct-drive karts and has already proved it's effectiveness by taking out the world championship title mounted to the Mercury chassis.
M7 Spoiler
In a sport that is decided by thousandths of a second, every single component must be analysed in detail to ensure top level performance. The R&D Department of the OTK Kart Group is well aware of this. For years, it has studied aerodynamics to produce continually more effect fairings. The result of this research, carried out both with wind tunnel testing and also with CFD computer simulations is the new M7 front spoiler which joins the M6 fairing kit that was already used in 2018 and has become a symbol of our many victories. The new spoiler is characterized by it's new design, which reduces aerodynamic drag and increases performance, particularly on fast tracks with long straights. The M7 spoiler is combined with the new integrated platform, which completely covers the frontal area of the kart between the chassis tubing and the front axle; a solution to further improve aerodynamics and reducing the creation of air vortices in the 'C' section of the kart.
Precision and Comfort
The attention to detail carried out within the OTK Kart Group to create the Lynx R, is highlighted in the new accessories; in particular, the HGS steering wheel and inclined steering wheel boss unit. The first is the slightly revised layout and most notably is equipped with a new 'high-grip'. A critical detail which provides better grip in the driver's hands, allowing more precise kart control and greater driving comfort. Comfort that is further optimized by the new steering wheel hub, with an inclination designed to adapt to provide the best possible driving position to drivers of any size.
KZ Geometry
The version of the Lynx R that we have come up with for the gearbox categories includes the improvements we have seen in the OK version of the kart yet adding some specific details that are specific for the KZ class. Details that on the top Mercury R range model, have already seen Kosmic conquer the FIA KZ Karting World Championship. On the Lynx R we find the same package whose design is optimized for KZ and with includes the BSS braking system with front wheel brakes and a single piece caliper manufactured from a solid unit. These include 4 pistons of 22mm with brake movement recovery that guarantee powerful, quick and adjustable braking.