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Hot Head KartPro Cube

Hot Head KartPro Cube
Hot Head KartPro Cube


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Hot Head KartPro Cube Technical Article
The Hot Head Kart Pro Cube is a circulating, on-board kart engine heater. This F1-inspired engine heaters compact and lightweight design allows it to be permanently mounted to the kart chassis or seat.

Water Cooled Engines Less than 1500cc


  • Better qualifying times
  • Increased acceleration makes passing easy at the drop of the green flag
  • No cold starts and running a cold engine means about 1/3 less rebuilds
  • Race ready engine less stress and more time to make improvements
  • No more cold seizures and improved ring break-in
  • Decrease noise, pollution, and fuel consumption created by the typical warm up ritual


  • Integrated circulation pump
  • Generator friendly 1000 watts heats engine in under 10 minutes
  • Fixed temperature setting (125F)
  • 1.4 lbs. / .6kg
  • Includes hose clamps, chassis clamp, and power chord. The Universal, zero-clearance chassis clamp fits tube sizes that include 1.25", 30mm, and 32mm


9060: North America Application: 1000watt-110V/60Hz
9050: EU, AUS, N.Z. Application: 1000watt-230V/50Hz