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Dellorto Float Gauge

Dellorto Float Gauge
Dellorto Float Gauge


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Float Gauge & Jet Holder
  • Makes for easy check of the Rotax Max float height at 0.5mm increments
  • Can be used on all Dellorto VHSB34QD / VHSx carbs
  • Stores 8 main jets. Built in magnet sticks to toolbox. Hard anodized for long lasting looks.
Adjusting Float Height on Rotax Max / Dellorto VHSx Carburetors:
Adjusting the float heights in the carburetor is a way of adjusting the fuel/air mixture in the carburetor while still using the 5.2 gram or 3.6 gram floats. (Rotax rules only allow 5.2 gram or 3.6 gram floats to be usedin the carburetor.)

A lower float level will weaken the fuel/air mixture making the engine run leaner. A higher float level will richen the fuel/air mixture.Optimizing the float heights can be an effective tuning tool and will improve the performance for your engine .

Adjust the float height by gently bending the float arms to raise or lower the floats in the fuel bowl. Standard Rotax carburetors usually come from the dealer with a 6mm float height. A good starting point is 3mm float height.