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CRG Brake Disk

Brand: CRG
CRG Brake Disk
CRG Brake Disk


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 CRG Brake Disks
As the CRG chassis has evolved so has there braking systems. There are several different brake systems with each one requiring its own specific rotor. We carry rotors for the following CRG brake systems:
Ven96: used mostly on older cadet chassis.
NewAge: used on the newer cadet chassis
Ven99: used on the Kali and some other older CRG chassis. Note: The Ven99 rotor that we stock is not an OEM part. This rotor happens to be pretty universal so we use the Righetti Ridolfi when replacing. The OEM one is $218.52 and can be special ordered.
2000ups: used on the Kali, Rebel, Heron etc.
Ven04: Used on the Blackstar, Rebel, DarkRider and KT-1 chassis
Ven05: Used on the Blackstar, Rebel, DarkRider and KT-1 chassis