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CBR Ceramic Hybrid Wheel/Hub Bearings

CBR Ceramic Hybrid Wheel/Hub Bearings
CBR Ceramic Hybrid Wheel/Hub Bearings


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Ceramic Hybrid Wheel Bearings

Made with SKF aerospace grade silicon nitride ceramic balls with a polymide low friction retainer. Removable seal.Can be serviced and re-packed by CBR.

A "ceramic hybrid ball bearing" is themost significant advancement in ball bearing technology since the invention ofthe ball bearing over 100 years ago. They produce about HALF the friction ofconventional steel bearings, thus freeing up horsepower. Think about it. Atypical Kart has 6 or 7 wheel bearings, and their cumulative friction issignificant, especially at high speeds. As speed increases, drag increasesexponentially. But that's not all:
  • Tremendously harder than steel. (Rockwell 78c versus Rockwell 60c for steel balls).
  • Ceramic ball is 60% lighter than a steel ball.
  • Ceramic ball is much less prone to "skid"
  • Ceramic ball is significantly rounder and has a finer finish than conventional steel balls.
  • Operating temperature for ceramic is 2000 degrees F. versus 600 F. degrees for steel.
  • Vibration levels of ceramic hybrid bearings average two to seven times lower than that of steel.
  • Service life is two to five times longer than conventional steel ball bearings

One of thefundamental problems with conventional steel ball bearings is their tendency to "micro-weld". This is when microscopic surface "peaks" onthe ball and race make contact and actually weld together. This occurs even withlight loading and adequate lubrication, because the actual point load at these"peaks" is upwards of one million PSI. As the bearing rotates, theweld is pulled apart and the cycle continues. This "weld-pull" cycle(technically called adhesive wear) results in higher temperatures, higherfriction, and decreased life. Adhesive wear is not some laboratory-onlyphenomenon, but rather a normal process for a conventional steel ball bearing,especially when lubricated by grease (as opposed to oil). 

Now here's greatnews:The ceramic hybrid bearing cannot micro-weld to steel, thus eliminating theproblem entirely. Friction is drastically reduced, the bearing runs cooler, andtherefore lasts many times longer. And because wear particles generated byadhesive wear are not present, the bearing and lubricant stays cleaner, andlasts even longer.