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BirelArt Chassis

Birel has been manufacturing chassis since the late 1950's in Italy.  In 2014 ART Grand Prix and the Birel Group joined forces to create Birel ART. The Birel ART venture combines excellence in chassis manufacturing with the very successful racing DNA of ART Grand Prix, the only racing team present at all levels of the motorsport ladder leading to Formula 1.
Note: All Chassis are shipped via Freight. Please contact us for a shipping quote.
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BirelArt B-25 Baby Kart Chassis
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2021 BirelArt C28-S11 Mini Cadet Chassis
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2021 BirelART AM29-S12 4 Cycle Chassis
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2021 BirelART RY30-S12 KF-TAG Chassis
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2021 BirelART CRY30-S11 KZ Shifter Chassis
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