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Light Weight Rear Wheel Hub

Light Weight Rear Wheel Hub


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Size & Color
40x65mm Black
40x95mm Black
40x115mm Black
50x65mm Black
50x95mm Black
50x115mm Black
40x65mm Gold
40x95mm Gold
40x115mm Gold
50x65mm Gold
50x95mm Gold
50x115mm Gold
40x65mm Titanium
40x95mm Titanium
40x115mm Titanium
50x65mm Titanium
50x95mm Titanium
50x115mm Titanium
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Light Weight Rear Wheel Hub

High quality Italian made Aluminum Rear Wheel hubs. Precision machined to reduce weight yet offer great reliability. The most detrimental weight in racing is rotating weight. Rotating weight will inevitably reduce your horsepower output.
  • Anodized in 3 colors: Black, Gold, or Titanium
  • 3/58 Bolt Pattern: 3 Wheel studs pre-installed that are 58mm apart. 58mm is measured from the outside of one stud to the outside of another.
  • Offered for 40mm and 50mm axles
  • Lengths: 65mm, 95mm, 115mm
  • 8mm key slot
Weight Comparisons
SizeLight Weight RighettiWildKartSwift Magnesium
40x65302 Grams378.3 GramsN/A
40x95355 Grams483.5 GramsN/A
40x115389 Grams677.8 Grams (40x125)N/A
50x65327 Grams396.8 Grams (50x75)293.6 Grams (50x78)
50x95395 Grams456.8 Grams383.4 Grams (50x98)
50x115444 Grams651.8 Grams (50x125)463.3 Grams (50x120)