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BirelART AM29-S11 Briggs LO-206 Kart

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BirelART AM29-S11 Briggs LO-206 Kart
BirelART AM29-S11 Briggs LO-206 Kart


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CRG FS4 Briggs LO206 4 Cycle Turn Key Kart

This kart comes stock with a Max Torque Clutch, RLV Animal Pipe and Silencer, Braided Heat Sleeve, Steel Chain Guard, Air Filter, Anodized Pulse and Oil Plug Set,  and Spec. Tires of your choice.

Clutch Upgrade Options:
Premier Stinger #35    +$104.00
Premier Stinger #219  +$116.00
Hilliard Inferno Fire #35   +$69.00
Hilliard Inferno Fire #219  +$76.00

Chassis Specs:
The FS4 4 stroke kart was designed for the Briggs and Stratton category. It has a frame with 28ø chrome moli tubes and a wheel
base of 1030 mm. On this chassis it is possible to adjust the rear axle and the stub axle settings. On the front end it is easy to
set up the caster and camber with the exclusive sniper caster system. The chassis is supplied with the Ven Mini brake system
and an auto ventilated brake disc. Black New age 02 bodywork, KG rear bumper, stickers kit.

Chassis Features: Especially made for 4-stroke categories, this chassis is made of 28 and 30mm tubing. It's main charasteristic is the possibility to adjust the wheelbase to three positions: 1020 - 1030 - 1040mm. This allows the kart to adapt easily to different categories, specifically the ones with low power and medium-hard tires.

Brake system The AM29 2020 has the floating disc system, allowing the driver to stop on a shorter distance and have a better pedal feeling.

Spindles: Two mounting points are available on the spindles giving driver and mechanics more options to get the right setup. 

Rear Axle: A variety of 4 axles are available for this chassis.

Graphic kit: All the racing karts will have the 2020 graphic kit.

Technical Specification:
  • 28/30mm chassis
  • 40x3x1040mm axle
  • Adjustable ride height
  • Adjustable wheelbase
  • Adjustable camber|caster pills (0,5 or 1,5°)
  • Front hubs: 17x70MM
  • Rear hubs: 40x100mm
  • Black magnesium wheels
  • BirelART EVO graphic kit

    Motor Specs:

    Hand-built in Milwaukee, WI. using tooling and dies specifically for racing for unparalleled repeatability.
    Factory sealed short-block with ground cam and controlled piston pop-up (reducing compression variance)
    Simplified IKF/WKA rule set designed to maintain a stock configuration right down to the factory shipped carburetor jets. 

    ‡ Dual Ball-Bearing, RACING Reinforced Cylinder
    ‡ Squeeze-Cast, T-7 Treated, Racing Rod
    ‡ Ground Cam w/ Compression Release
    ‡ High-Silicon Valve Springs
    ‡ PVL» Digital Ignition System
    ‡ Racing Only Intake Port
    ‡ Walbro» Round - Slide Carburetor
    ‡ Dana» Fire-Ring Head Gasket (Animal Only)
    ‡ Racing Crankshaft w/ Induction-Hardened Crankpin
    ‡ Federal Mogul» Cam Ground, Barrel-Faced Piston
    ‡ Chrome-Faced, Racing Ring Package
    ‡ Nitrited Dished Exhaust Valve
    ‡ Automotive 3-Piece Valve Retainer System
    ‡ Beefy Rocker Arm Stud Nuts
    ‡ Carbon Steel Crankshaft w/induction hardened crankpin