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Xtreme Battery Charger/Maintainer

Xtreme Battery Charger/Maintainer


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Warning!! Not to be used with Lithium Batteries due to risk of fire.

Never let a battery end your race again!!!
Make your battery last up to 5 times longer.
The Xtreme Charge doesn't just recharge your battery, it repairs it.
Intelligent Circuitry
Immediately tests and evaluates the condition of your battery, then sets the optimum charge rate it's able to accept. This proprietary algorithm also protects the battery from damage due to overcharging. So your battery is back to its full potential, quickly and safely. As long as the Xtreme Charge remains connected, it continually tests your battery to maintain optimal bulk or float charge rate.
Patented Technology
The Xtreme Charge has the ability to extend the life of your battery from 2 to 5 times longer. The patented PULSE technology minimizes the size of the lead sulphate crystals that form in any 12-volt lead acid battery. This allows the battery to accept as much charge as possible.
Included with Charger:
2' Fuse-protected quick disconnect battery clamp leads
2' Fuse-protected quick disconnect battery eyelet lug leads
Safety Instructions
Quick Start Guide
5 Year Warranty
Product Specifications:
Input Voltage - 100-250 VAC
Max Charge Current - 2.5A (5.0 effective)
Bulk Charge Voltage - 14.8V
Functional Ouput Cable Length: 8"
Fused Terminal Cables