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RaceJet II Weather Pod


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RaceJet Weather Pod integrates with MaxJet Software to assist in the tuning of your Rotax Carburetor.
Press one button for a jetting solution!
The effort you put into tuning of your motor package is only as good as the accuracy of your weather data.
The RaceJet II USB is a commercial grade weather station that provides all the weather data needed for competitive racing. It contains factory laser trimmed barometer, thermomoter, and hygrometer sensors that provide fast and accurate data. When used with MaxJet Jetting Software, it provides a one button jetting solution.
Data Read Out:
RaceJet Standard V2.80 Software:(included)
Temperature - Relative Humidity - Barometric Pressure - Relative Air Density - Density Altitude
Length: 2 1/2"
Width: 1 1/2"
Thickness: 3/4"
Temp. Range: -40 F to +257 F
Pressure Range: 4.44 In/Hg to 34.05 In/Hg 15 KPa to 115 KPa
Humidity Range: 0% RH to 100% RH
The RaceJet Connects with a standard USB cable to any PC Laptop or Desktop
Operating System:
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Vista
(Note: The RaceJet is not designed to work with Apple Computers)
-RaceJet Weather Pod II USB
-RaceJet Standard V2.8 Software
-4' USB Cable
-Instructional Interactive Training CD