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MyChron 4 Gauge 2T

MyChron 4 2T
MyChron 4 2T
Price: $549.00
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MyChron 4 Gauge 2T

Same features as the My Chron 4 but capable of taking up to 2 Temperature Readings.
Comes with your choice of 2 Temperature Sensors.
The MyChron 4 2T is a powerful data aquisition gauge and digital display for kart racing.
•Graphical and Digital RPM indicator
•Auto Lap Time
•You have the option of using 2 temperature inputs at a time. H20 (water), CHT (cylinder head), EGT (exhaust gas)
  • If you have a water cooled motor the most widely used and important temperature sensor would be the H20. This sensor is a 10mm thread. Most TAG motors comes with a fitting in the head. If your motor does not you can purchase a Water Fitting that you place in your radiator hose lines.

    If you have an air cooled motor than you would want to use a CHT sensor. This sensor gets placed under the spark plug. It is 9/16 (14mm) in size.

    An EGT sensor can be used with either water cooled or air cooled motors and gathers the air/fuel ratio. It can assist you in tuning the engine or jetting. This sensor will need to be isntalled in you exhaust pipe.

•Note: If the tracks you drive at have magnetic strips built in then you should select the Magnetic Receiver. If some of the tracks don't then you should select the Infrared Receiver, but you will also need to purchase an Infrared Beacon if you don't have one. Alot of times the track will have an Infrared Beacon out there, just call and ask.
•Configurable alarm lights for Temperature and RPM
A high-resolution display can display large digits during race mode & smaller text during set-up and in menus. It has a backlight option in either amber or green.
The MyChron4 uses and internal 9V battery for extended performance. Specialized display modes are available for oval, sprint, and road racers. It also features 1 MB of memory for over 3 hours of data logging. Simplified configuration and easy menus make operating the MyChron4 a snap.
Add more features to the MyChron4 with the optional expansion box E-Box. The E-Box adds extra channels for 2 temperatures, wheel speed and an accelerometer for track mapping.

Use the new Data Key to download and store your racing data. It's USB interface quickly connects to your laptop so you can transfer your data to your PC for analysis with the Race Studio 2 software. The compact Data Key reduces the need for a laptop out in the pits.
This item is the US version and the only language options are English and Spanish

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