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Acceleration Kart Racing is proud to announce our 2014 Sponsored Drivers
  Curtis Cooksey #41

  Race Series/Schedule 2014
  Class: S4
  Sponsors: Acceleration Kart Racing, Glove Connection, Hospice of Las Vegas
Profile: Curtis been racing karts since 1992. One of his earliest accomplishments was the IKF Shifter Grand Nationals victory in 1998. He was also on the podium at the first SKUSA SuperNationals in the 125cc Pro class. Most recently, Cooksey has been a Team USA member at the Rotax Grand Finals on three times occasions. (2006-2008). He was the first American to stand on the podium at the event, placing second in DD2 Masters at the 2008 event in La Conca, Italy. In 2012, the near 40-year old won the opening S4 feature race of the SKUSA Pro Tour at the SpringNationals in Phoenix.
  Josh Delosier#111

  Race Series,Schedule,and Results 2013
  Class: S2
  SKUSA Pro Tour April 12-14th in Tucson, AZ.
  Round 1: 6th Place, Round 2: 5th Place
  SKUSA Pro Tour July 19-21st in Grand Junction, CO
  Round 1: 9th Place, Round 2: 7th Place
  SKUSA SuperNats  Nov. 20-24th in Las Vegas, NV
  Streets of Lancaster Sept. 27-29th in Lancaster, CA
  SNVKC Local Series
  Sponsors: Acceleration Kart Racing, Glove Connection, Hospice of Las Vegas, BBBC   Law Firm
  Chris Bany#14

  Race Series,Schedule,and Results 2013
  Class: Stock Moto Master
  Florida Karting Championship Series
  Race 1: March 1-3 (Orlando): Finished 1st Place
  Race 2: April 12-14 (Homestead)
  Race 3: May 3-5 (Race Complex Ft. Myers)
  Race 4: June 14-16 (Monticello)
  Race 5: July 5-7 (Ocala Gran Prix)
  Race 6: August 23-25 (Jacksonville)
Profile: Started racing karts locally in Florida  at the age of 15. Finished 3rd in 2012  in the Florida Karting Championship Series.
Sponsors: Acceleration Kart Racing,
 Jason Reichert #33


  Race Series,Schedule,and Results 2013
  Class: TaG Jr.
  Southern Nevada Karting Championship
  February 10th- Race # 1, February 24th- Race #2
  March 24th- Race #3, April 14th- Race # 4
  May 4th- Race # 5, May 18th- Race #6
  June 8th- Race # 7, Sept 14th- Race # 8
  October 12th- Race # 9, October 20th- Race # 10
  Nov 10th- Race # 11, Dec 8th- Race # 12
  Profile: At the age of 13, Jason is entering his fifth year of
  karting. With Championships in the Junior 1 and Tag Jr. Classes, Jason has
  set his sights on the 2013 SNVKC Series at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
  Jason is currently with the DLR Racing Team
  Sponsors:Acceleration Karting, The Hot Sauce Guys, KRW Graphic
  Designs, Roger Seymour Photography, AMR Racing, McLeod Properties,
  and Saul Alan
  Kenny Manchester

  Race Series,Schedule,and Results 2014
  Class: Briggs LO206

2/16- Monterey 4 hour Enduro - 1st
3/2 - Davis Club Race - 4th
3/23 - Kinsmen Club Race - 1st
4/27 - Fresno Club Race - 1st
6/1 - Davis Club Race
7/27- Kinsmen Club Race
8/10 - Kinsmen Club Race
9/6 - Kinsmen Night Race
9/13- Kinsmen Night Race, Gold Rush
9/21- Hard Hustling 100 (Davis)
10/5- Gold Rush Davis
10/12 - Kinsmen Club Race
10/26 - Gold Rush Prairie City
11/2 - Kinsmen Club Race
Profile: Since I was as young as I can remember I wanted to race. I used to ride my bike around town just to find people to out pedal. I also ran track and played baseball due to my competitive nature. . I am a member at Kinsmen Kart Club in Dixon, CA. This will be my second season and was fortunate enough to win the crossover championship last year which included Davis, Prairie City, Atwater, and Dixon on the schedule.

  Dan Lubin #11

  Race Series,Schedule,and Results 2013
  Class: DD2 Masters
Texas Pro Kart Challenge
  Rotax Grand Finals
  Rotax Pan Am Challenge
  Profile: I am 33 years old and compete in the Rotax DD2 Masters class.
I am a technical engineer for BMW of North America LLC and have been with them for 7 years. I was formerly a BMW master technician and have been in the BMW family for a total of 13yrs now.
I just finished my 1st year in competitive kart racing. I learned a tremendous amount this past year and am head over heels in love with Karting. I feel I have talent and with some more practice and training I can be competitive at the national level. DKC has been a huge promoter for the DD2 class, we have around 20-25 DD2 karts running around locally, and as you know, the co-owner Mike Jones just finished his first Grand Finals race last week in Portugal in that class.

  Stephen Brucker #2

  Race Series,Schedule,and Results 2014
  Class: TAG Cadet and KPV1
  California ProKart Series
Round 1: 14th out of 26, 2nd in Rookie
Round 2: 14th out of 22, 1st in Rookie
Round 3: 21st out of 26, DNF a heat
Round 4: 6th out of  25, 1st in Rookie
  SKUSA Supernats
  SDKA Series:
Round 1: Rookie Comer 2nd, Tag Cadet 1st
Round 2: Rookie Comer 2nd, Tag Cadet 1st
Round 3: Rookie Comer 2nd, Tag Cadet 1st
Round 4: Rookie Comer 10th (DNF), Tag Cadet 1st
  James Dyer #3

  Race Series,Schedule,and Results 2013
  Class: DD2
  New Jersey, WKA August 24,25th: 1st Place both days.
 Profile: 9 Years Old
LVKC: Kid Karts Rookie of the Year, 4th place for season
SNVKC: Kid Karts, currently 3rd place for season (locked in), 2 wins
Micro Max, currently 3rd place for season (also locked in)
  Morgan Schuler

  Race Series,Schedule,and Results 2014
  Class: Yamaha Supercan

June 28-29:         SIRA Goodland Grand Prix

July 12-13:           Rt. 66 Sprint Series @ Dousman, WI (Badger Kart Club)

Aug 2-3:               Rt. 66 Sprint Series @ New Castle, IN (NCMP)

Aug 29-31:           Rock Island Grand Prix

Sept 6-7:              Rt. 66 Sprint Series @ Springfield, IL (Mid State Kart Club)

Sept 13-14:         SIRA Ceraland Grand Prix

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