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CRG, Spindle

We stock almost every spindle that CRG offers. Comes with Bearings and spacers pre-pressed in the spindle. Every chassis model uses a different spindle so if you need help getting the correct one please feel free to call us.
You will need to take measurements in order for us to assist you.
Shaft Diameter/Bearing Size: 17mm or 25mm
King Pin/Spindle Bolt Diameter: 8mm or 10mm
If you have front brakes you will also need to know what style of brakes you have. Here is a list of braking systems that can be found on CRG karts:
Spindle 17/8mm
17mm Shaft - 8mm Kingpin Bolt
Spindle 17/10mm
17mm Shaft / 10mm Kingpin Bolt
Spindle 25/10mm
25mm Shaft - 10mm Kingpin Bolt
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CRG Cadet Spindle
Price: $155.20
CRG Cadet Spindle
Diagram #2
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