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Brake Pads

We carry many brake pads. Use the diagrams below to help find the one that fits your kart. Just click on the image and then you can ad it to your shopping kart. These are sold as a pair, meaning 2 Brake Pads.
If you need larger images or you cannot find your brake pad below download this Brake Pad Catalog. We do not stock every brake pad in this catalog so if it is not listed it will be a special order brake pad. Just give us a call and we can get it for you.
If you cannot find your brake pad in this catalog feel free to give us a call and we'll see if we can track one down.

A.                CRG Cadet                          Rear

B.                      CRG Ven99               Front

C.                 CRG Ven99                         Rear

D.          CRG 2000up (Ven05 Front)           Front/Rear

E.                           CRG Ven04                            Rear

F.                           CRG Ven04                              Front

G.                              CRG Ven05                           Rear

H.                     Birel/MBA/DFM/Tibi                    Front

I. Birel/LGK/RBI/First Kart/Biesse/EasyKart/Rocket ~ Rear

J.                              Birel (Thin)                            Rear

K.                               Birel 2003                             Front

L.                               Birel 2003                              Rear

M.                               Tony BS1                             Front

N.                          Tony BS2                         Rear

O.                                 Tony (Old)                                Front

P.                           Tony / Hasse (Old)                        Rear

Q.                        Tony / All Kart (Old)                              Rear

R.                                Tony BS7                                Front

S.                             Tony BS5/SA2                        Front/Rear

T.                                   Top Kart                                Front

U.                                   Top Kart                                   Rear

V.                                        Brembo                               Front

W.                                    Brembo                                  Rear

X.         Righetti Ridolfi / Margay / Wildkart / ItalKart           Rear

Y.                   SKM / Avanti / Wildkart                           Front

Z.                       SKM / Avanti / Fittipaldi                         Rear

AA.                                   MBA                                      Rear

BB.                                       GP                                    Rear

CC.                                  MBA / Wildkart                       Front

DD.                                MBA                                      Rear

EE.                                     Maranello                                Rear

FF.                             Intrepid EVO3                     Front

GG.                              Intrepid EVO3                              Rear

HH.                           Intrepid EVO8/10                          Rear

II.                              Arrow (shifter)                            Rear

JJ.                                    Biesse                                   Rear

  KK.                   Birel 2010+                                Front              LL.                   Birel 2010+                                   Rear

 MM.               Birel  2013+
NN.                              Haase                                          Rear

OO.                                Sodi                                         Front
PP.                                      Sodi                                     Rear

QQ.                                TopKart                                   Rear
RR.                                 TopKart

SS.                                 TopKart
TT.                              Comer

UU.                           Bennick / Parolin

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QQ. Topkart Rear Brake Pad Set- CLEARANCE
MSRP: $31.95
Price: $23.73
You Save: $8.22
QQ. Topkart Rear Brake Pad Set- CLEARANCE
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