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Bell GP.2 CMR (Youth)

Price: $499.95

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Bell GP.2-CMR Helmet (Youth)
The GP.2 CMR is certified to the Snell/FIA CMH standard (CMR) developed specifically for younger racers participating in karting.
The GP.2 CMR takes a 287 SRV 2MM Shield which features the SRV-1 pivot system and thumb tab on the drivers left side to allow for easy shield operation. Each helmet comes with a clear shield and Bell visor strip as standard equipment. The helmet is available in White.

The GP.2 CMR is the karting youth version of the GP.2 which combines advanced F1 styling, an innovative air intake system for maximum ventilation and leading-edge aerodynamic performance. The GP.2 CMR is certified to the CMH standard, developed jointly by the FIA Institute and the Snell Memorial Foundation. This standard has been developed to create a protective yet light weight helmet for use in karting. Under CIK regulations, helmets certified to the Snell-FIA CMH standard (CMR) can be used in karting and is designed for drivers under 18 years of age. The GP.2 CMR is an extremely light weight helmet weighing 1185 grams in sizes 54 to 56 and 1230 grams in sizes 57 to 59 (+/- 3%).

GP.2 CMR is a fantastic choice for youger karters who demand superior features, light weight and excellent fit. The GP.2 CMR features a front aero chin bar, an ultra-lightweight carbon composite shell, pro-style interior with synthetic neck collar for outstanding comfort, and a front air intake that forces air into the helmet's forehead vents for maximum ventilation. The .200mm GP.2 CMR air intake is replaceable and the helmet can be used without the air intake. The direct flow upper and lower chin bar vents on the front of the helmet help to increase airflow and prevent shield fogging.

The GP.2 CMR has been designed to work with Bell's aero kits to configure the helmet for all forms of kart racing depending on the aerodynamic requirements and environment. While the GP.2 CMR has a front aero lip and chin bar designed into the helmet, these aerodynamic kits enhance helmet performance to provide greater stability at higher speeds. The aerodynamic kits include top wicker gurneys which create an air separation point on the top of the helmet to allow airflow to detach from the helmet reducing buffeting, chin bar gurneys which add down force to the front of the helmet to prevent lift and rear spoilers that improve overall helmet stability. Because of the way airflow accelerates at higher speeds, Bell recommends using larger size gurneys at lower relative speeds and medium or smaller gurneys as speeds increase. The GP.2 CMR comes with an air intake as standard equipment that can be replaced as necessary. The aero kits attach with double sided adhesive that holds aggressively to the shell yet can be removed easily without damaging the helmet's finish.

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