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360 Plus Device

Price: $190.00

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The 360 Plus Device is definitely a different approach to filling the requirement of wearing a neck collar. The molded, glass filled nylon core piece, along with the firm chin foam parts, provides a stable platform for helping control the movement of drivers head when needed.

Major issues the 360 Plus Device helps limit are front and rear hyper-flexion and extreme lateral motion. This is all accomplished while still allowing the driver unrestricted rotation of the head to look over the shoulder for oncoming karts.

Sizing Instructions:
Using a tape measure, measure around the driver's neck to determine the neck size. Find the size on the chart below that is the best match to your measurement.

Youth 10” - 13”
Adult 13.5” and up

Technical Information:

Frontal hyper-flexion is reduced by the front of the helmet coming in contact with the firm foam pieces of the device under the drivers chin. These components are constructed of foam that is much denser than the normal neck collar currently worn by drivers.

The vertical braces of the core piece, located behind the driver's helmet, helps control the rear hyper-flexion. The helmet coming into contact with the upper vertical brace, located directly behind the driver's head, reduces backward movement. This engagement then transfers the energy to lower vertical brace located against the driver's back.

Extreme lateral motion of a driver's head is minimized when the helmet comes into contact with the device. While not hindering the driver swiveling his/her head from side to side, the device provides a robust platform for the helmet to rest against as in a roll over situation.

This is all accomplished while still allowing the driver unrestricted rotation of the head to look over the shoulder for oncoming karts.

The foam pieces under the chin of the driver are much stiffer than the foam used in other neck collars that are currently available to the driver now.  The denser foam allows for better control of the helmet movement. The 360 Plus Device is designed with foam parts in the front, verses plastic, to help minimize potential injury to the throat area if forced backward.

Designed break away feature. In the bizarre event that something should hook inside the Device, the 360 Plus Device is designed to break away so that the potential for serious neck injury is reduced.

The foam pieces are also adjustable - laterally, front to rear - to adjust for the different chest thicknesses of drivers.

The 360 Plus Device weighs in at only 1.50 lbs.

Approved for use by WKA and IKF

Product Reviews

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Fantastic neck brace!
Steve Bussard (Grandville, MI) 8/25/2014 9:16 AM
I have a 125 shifter kart, and was looking for a adequate neck brace for the track. I've used the standard K1 / Simpson neck roll style braces, as well as the EVS neck braces. None of them give enough support for the intense rear hyper-flexion that you are subjected to during acceleration, in a shifter kart. I purchased this neck brace a couple weeks ago, and it is fantastic! There are no issues with lateral forces, and the rear hyper-flexion is drastically reduced! The only neck brace I feel may do a better job, is the Leatt Moto Kart brace. Only because it is more adjustable than this brace. For half the price of the Leatt, I think this is a VERY comparable brace, and well worth the money. I would recommend it to anyone. Especially the guys running shifters or tag.
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